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About KP System

KP system is based on the Placidus system and requires accurate calculations. Erecting a chart manually is quite a difficult task; you require a good software to ably assist you in your work. That is why, after evaluating other existing software at that time, we developed KPAstro in 2004. Since that time, based on constant feedback from astrologers, KPAstro has continuously grown to its current leadership position!

What's Special About KPAstro?


Highly Accurate

Highly Accurate Windows-Based Software for KP System


More Modules

Affordable: Basic Module costs just Rs.3,750(Full Package: Rs.17,500/-)


ACS Atlas

Uses the popular ACS Atlas for identifying latitude and longitude of places


Scripting Support

Advanced Lisp scripting engine


Detailed Charts

Has many advanced features such as chart animation, birth time rectification, progressed chart and lisp scripting


Worldwide User Community

Used by astrologers all over the world since 2004


Attractive Pricing

Attractive pricing for group purchases

What our clients say

With its simple interface and accurate calculations, KPAstro is an ideal software for KP Astrologers, which will cover all their requirements and the true potential of the Krishnamurti Padhdhati. You can add features to your package conveniently, personalise it easily and any queries or doubts are always handled promptly and courteously 

                                                                                      Rekha Singh, Chandigarh.

I run a full-time astrology consultancy service and use KPAstro in my daily work. Various features available in KPAstro enable me to give quick and reliable predictions to thousands of my clients, who leave my premises relieved and happy.

I thank Mr.Rangarajan who made this possible.

                                                        Sagar, Chennai.

I find the KPAstro software very useful and without which I would not have found a place among established astrologers. The software provides all features required for accurate prediction. I also teach KP System with the help of this software.  So far, several of my students have procured KPAstro software and are using it successfully. 

                                                                   Munu Jayakumar, Chennai.

I have been a user of KPAstro from 2004 and I am quite happy with the software. In my opinion, it is the most accurate Windows-based software for KP System. I have used it extensively while writing my book on Birth Time Rectification. I strongly recommend KPAstro to everyone, whether a beginner or an experienced astrologer. 

                                                                 Kanak Bosmia, Ahmedabad.

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