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Year: 2017

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LISP Scripting Engine

If you want to perform more complex searches than what the pattern language allows you to do, or if you want to do your own detailed chart interpretation/analysis, you can use our state-of-the-art LISP scripting engine to help you. Or, better still, you can take advantage of our paid services to implement your own proprietary […]

Pattern-Based Search

Let us say that you wish to find out which of your clients have Venus as their 7th cuspal sublord and Venus being in its own sub. Here is a pattern to search for: (cusp (number 7) (sublord Venus)) (planet (name Venus) (sublord Venus)) KPAstro 4.1 has an amazing feature called Patterns. It allows you […]

Two Great Features in 4.5

Everyone knows that KPAstro is already loaded with features to make daily astrological work a pleasure. We have added two advanced features in the new release: Patterns-based Search and Scripting support

Check for Yogas in a Chart!

Would you like to check if there are any traditional yogas in a native’s chart? Here is a LISP script to do that automatically. Detecting the Presence of Yogas Although KP System does not use the vedic astrology concept of yogas, some astrologers combine both systems while offering a prediction. As many know, identifying yogas […]

KPAstro on Windows Tablet!

For those of you who use KPAstro wherever you go – here is good news! Your favourite software has been tested on HP Omni 10 Tablet running Windows 8.1 You can use the micro USB adaptor to connect your dongle.