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Check for Yogas in a Chart!

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Would you like to check if there are any traditional yogas in a native’s chart? Here is a LISP script to do that automatically.

Detecting the Presence of Yogas

Although KP System does not use the vedic astrology concept of yogas, some astrologers combine both systems while offering a prediction. As many know, identifying yogas manually in a chart can be a time-consuming task. With the recent introduction of LISP scripting engine in KPAstro 4.1, it is now fairly straightforward to automate this task. Here is a LISP script to check for 6 specific yogas in a chart.


Yogas identified by the above script are the following:

Scanned Yogas

Chandra mangala yoga
Nipuna yoga
Vesi yoga
Vosi yoga
Hamsa yoga
Amsavatara yoga

To use this script, you must have purchased the license for “Patterns and Scripting” feature. If you own the Master version, this is automatically included. Copy the script file to the KPAstro scripts directory (usually: c:\MMS\KPAstro\Scripts).

Go through the script to understand how you can write your own script for similar or other tasks. Make sure you read the disclaimer/warning in the script to understand the suitability and risks!

Here is a peek at the code fragment for checking hamsa-yoga:

(yoga=> hamsa-yoga
“Hamsa Yoga: Jupiter occupies a kendra, which is his own sign or an exltation sign~%”
(let ((the-sign (planet-sign JUPITER)))
(and (is-kendra? the-sign)
(or (is-own-sign-of? JUPITER the-sign)
(is-exaltation-sign-of? JUPITER the-sign)))))

Isn’t the code easy to read and understand? That is the power of LISP! And here is the good news! You can use the same script for all the following tasks (all without doing any manual calculation!):

– Find out which clients have these yogas in their charts

– For a specific client, check to see if any yogas are applicable

– Identify a future date and time when these yogas will appear

The last requires “Animate Chart” feature to be available.

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