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KPAstro has so many features. I am confused. Which ones should I buy?

That depends. If you are a beginner, you can start with the Basic module and then add other features as you become more familiar with the program. Many of our users buy certain sets of features because either their teacher recommends those features or their friends use those. KPAstro has features that appeal to both beginners and the advanced professional.

Is there a recurrent annual fee for using the software?

No. Once you buy the software, you are free to use it for ever.

What about upgrades?

We release upgrades periodically. You can upgrade to the latest version by paying a nominal upgrade charge. The charge will depend on the version you own. Besides, if you wish to add any of the optional features in the new release, those will be extra.

Does KPAstro offer predictions?

Sorry, not at this point in time. KP System (and astrology in general) requires substantial intuitive abilities as also the ability to judge a multitude of aspects before a prediction can be made. We believe that it is more of an art. We are definietely interested in this area, but we are not ready yet. Version 4.6 has an advanced feature that allows people with some programming background to define their own analysis algorithm. For a fee, we offer our programming expertise for astrologers who wish to try out their own ideas.

Do you offer training on KPAstro?

We believe KPAstro is easy to learn and use. The bundled Help documentation is sufficient for learning the various features of the software. However, if you want to learn the advanced features in great detail, then we might be able to help. If you are interested in doing this in your area, contact us to know our charges. Obviously, this will be economical when a sizeable group is interested in attending our training.

My dongle is damaged. What should I do?

You can return the dongle and pay the dongle charge for a replacement.

I have lost my dongle. What should I do?

Too bad. You have to purchase a new dongle by paying the full amount of the software that you own. If you own the Basic module, then you have to pay the current price of the Basic module.

Do you have a reseller in our city?

Our sincere apologies. We do not have any branch anywhere else. Nor do we have resellers to sell our product. We directly sell and support our product.

Can I get a demo version?

Sorry, we do not have any demo version of KPAstro. The software requires a hardware dongle to run and this will be sent along with the software when you buy it. However, this website has many screens that show you how certain features look. We strongly urge you to convince yourself that KPAstro satisfies your requirements, before you buy it.

I live in Hyderabad. Can you give me some references to check out your software?

We understand your concern. However, we believe that our customers may not welcome such intrusions, so we keep our customer list confidential.

Do you have a refund policy?

No we do not. We recommend that you satisfy yourself before buying the product. We have users all over the world and there are many positive views expressed in many fora. Better still, please check with your friends, their friends, and so on. We are certain you will like our product, but do not take our word for granted. Once you buy our product, we will not entertain any refund requests.

I came acoss a new ayanamsa in a magazine. Does KPAstro support it? If not, can you support it for me?

KPAstro supports all the standard ayanamsas, especially the ones pertaining to KP system. We are aware that certain people have come up with their own formula for ayanamsa calculation, but with due respect to them, we feel that unless there is a strong evidence that it is much better than the existing ones, there is no point in adopting yet another ayanamsa.