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Package Pricing

KPAstro is a feature-rich software. It has everything that a beginner needs, and at the same time,satisfies the needs of an advanced KP practitioner.

Select Plan
  • Natal and Horary Charts
  • Condensed One Page Report
  • KP Ayanamsas (3 types)
  • Enhanced Cuspal Links Tables
  • Planetary and Cuspal Positions
  • Client Preview window
  • Planetary Dignities and Relationships
  • Select Required Planets to View
  • Many Types of Significator Tables
  • Horizontal and Vertical Window Tiling
  • Western and Vedic Aspects
  • Optional visual Aspect Lines on the Chart
  • Sign, Star, Sub, and Sub-Sub Lords
  • Dasa-Bhukti-Antara-Sookshma
  • Time Chart
  • Reporting: Preview, Print and Export
  • Geocentric Correction Option
  • North and South Style Charts
  • True/Mean Rahu/Ketu Positions
  • Ghati/Vighati Calculator
  • Customizable ORB
  • Reference Topics
  • Pars Fortuna (Day or Night based)
  • MST Tables
  • Cuspal Links Tables
  • Backup/Restore Utility
  • Date Calculator
  • Degrees Calculator
  • Custom city Information
  • Planetary Positions Graph
  • Search for Place from Coordinates
  • Ayanamsa Calculator
  • Quick Search Support on Catalog
  • Chart Export
  • World-Famous ACS Atlas
  • Hardware-Based Copy Protection
  • Customization of Tabs
  • Multiple Default Location Support
  • Support for Chiron
  • Condensed Reports for Cuspal Links
  • A-5 Size Reports
  • New 6-fold Significator Table
  • Sidereal Time Calculator
  • Day Analysis
  • Adjust Birth Time
  • CL RP
  • CL Detailed
  • Ruling Planets
  • Adjust Birth Time
  • Marriage Matching
  • All Birth Rectification Techniques
  • Horary 2193
  • Panchang
  • 4 Step Theory
  • Theory of Short Prediction
  • Transition Information
  • Retrogression of Planets
  • Transit Lookup
  • Transit Chart
  • Sensitive Point Calculator
  • Daily Lagna Transit
  • Luminaries (Rising & Setting)
  • Move Lagna
  • Planetary Positions Table (Ephemeris)
  • KPRM Matching

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CL Pro


CL Advanced


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KP Pro


KP Advanced




Important Note:

We offer attractive discounts for bulk orders. If you are studying KP system and you have a group of friends who might all be interested in buying KPAstro, please contact us. Many groups of individuals have already benefited this way!

See here for information on various bundled modules.
You can purchase additional features any time by paying the appropriate amount. Here is the full list of add-on features:

1Export/Import Birth Details250
2 Planetary Positions (Ephemeris)250
3Daily Lagna Transit150
4Sensitive Point Calculator100
5Ruling Planets750
6Real Time Ruling Planets Calculator750
7Move Lagna500
8Adjust Birth Time750
9Ayanamsas Other Than KP750
10Horoscope Matching as per KP750
11Luminaries Rising/Setting Times250
12Aspect Customization500
13Chart Animation750
14Birth Rectification - Nakshatra Based250
15Transit Lookup500
16Interchart Analysis100
17Retrogression of Planets150
18Panchang and Daily Panchang850
19Transit Chart500
20Progressed Dasa Chart500
21Directional Progressed Chart500
22Pre-natal Epoch Chart250
23Dasa Calculation Based on All Planets and Cusps500
24Solar Return Chart250
25Tertiary Chart200
26Birth Time Rectification Through Prenatal Epoch500
27Ebertin's Midpoints500
28Arabic Parts250
29Bhinna Ashtakavarga200
30Eclipse Search250
31Transition Information500
32Birth Rectification Through Cuspal Links RP250
33Birth Rectification Through Cuspal Links Detailed750
34Horary 2193250
35Day Analysis300
364 Step Theory250
37Theory of Short Prediction (TSP)250
38Multiple House Systems1000
39KP Muhurat500
40Scripting and Patterns1250
41KPRM Matching1000

Payment Mode

You can deposit money in our account via online transfer (please contact us for details). Sorry, we do not accept credit cards, demand drafts or cheques.

All prices subject to change without notice.

Optional features can be purchased only if you have at least the Basic package.

Prices mentioned above include the cost of the dongle, which is Rs.2,000.00 currently. This price is also subject to change.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP/ Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 8.1/ Windows 10
Hard Disk 50 MB Free Harddisk Space
Ram 1 GB or above RAM preferred
Printer Ink Jet or Laser Jet Printer (Dot Matrix printer is not supported)